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Anshan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd.

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Supply Steel Rail From Marina
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Product: Views:224Supply Steel Rail From Marina 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-12-20 03:11
AnShan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd is a company who has its own self-determination right for import and export. It is together with AnShan HongMing Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd as a large-scale group corporation of integrating manufacturing / processing with trading.

Here are the types of steel rails:

It is including light rails, heavy rails, crane rails and rail fittings.

1. Light rails: 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 22kg, 24kg, 30kgSteel grade: 55Q / Q235
Length: 6m~12m
Executive standard: Refer to GB11264-89

2. Heavy rails: 38kg, 43kg, 50kg, 60kg
Steel grade: U71Mn / 50Mn and so on
Length: 12.5m
Executive standard: Refer to GB2585-81/QB

3. Crane rails: QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120
Steel grade: U71Mn / U75V
Cut length: 12m
Executive standard: GB3426-82, YB/T 5055-93

"Credit first, quality first and service first" is our first tenet. We are glad to service for all fields of people domestic and overseas. We sincerely want to cooperate with you on the basis of mutual benefit.

The details for each rail are shown under below:


Name of Commodity Specificaton Materials (Steel Grade) Standard of Products Theory Weight (kgs/M) Length of Dimension (M) Packed In Bundle With Iron Wire (pcs/bundle)
Light Rail 4kgs/m Q235 Q/YYG001-2008 4kgs/m 6,8,9,10 75
8kgs/m Q235 Q/YYG001-2008 8.42kgs/m 55
12kgs/m Q235 GB11264-89 12.2kgs/m 36
15kgs/m Q235/55Q/50Q GB11264-89 15.2kgs/m 28
18kgs/m Q235/55Q/50Q YB222-63 18.06kgs/m 21
22kgs/m Q235/55Q/50Q GB11264-89 22.3kgs/m 21
24kgs/m Q235/55Q/50Q Q/YYG001-2008 24.46kgs/m 21
30kgs/m Q235/55Q/50Q GB11264-89 30.1kgs/m 15
Heavy Rail 38kgs/m U71Mn/U71 GB2585-81 Q/YYG002-2008 38.733kgs/M 12,12.5 10
43kg/m U71Mn/U71 GB2585-81 Q/YYG002-2008 44.653kgs/M 10
50kgs/m U71Mn/U71 GB2585-81 Q/YYG002-2008 51.514kgs/M 10

45/50Mn Q/YYG002-2008 31/34/36/39/41kgs/M 12,12.5 10
Crane Rail QU70 U71Mn YB/T5055-93 52.8kgs/m 12,12.5 10
QU80 YB/T5055-93 63.69kgs/m 10
QU100 YB/T5055-93 88.96kgs/m 5
QU120 YB/T5055-93 118.1kgs/m 5
I-beam of Hot-Rolled Section Steel for Mine 9# 20MnK/ Q235 YB/T5047-2000 17.69kgs/m 8,9,10 28
11# YB/T5047-2000 26.05kgs/m 18
12# YB/T5047-2000 31.18kgs/m 15
Hot-Rolled U-Beam Steel for Mine Timbering  25U 20MnK/ Q275 GB4697-1991 /Q/YYG006-2008 24.95kgs/m 8,9,10,12 15
29U GB4697-1991 29kgs/m 15
36U Q/YYG006-2008 35.87kgs/m 15

Name of Commodity Specificaton Equal to rails Materials Standard of Products Theory Weight (kgs/set) Length of Dimension (mm) Packed In Bundle With Iron Wire (set)
Fish Plate 4/9kgs/M Q235B or GB11265-89 0.80 ≈270-385 50
12kgs/M GB11265-89 1.10 ≈409 50
15/18kgs/m GB11265-89 1.80-2.00 ≈372-409 25
22/24kgs/M GB11265-89 3.30-3.50 ≈426-510 20
30kgs/m GB11265-89 5.50-7.50 ≈561 10
38/43/50kgs/m GB185-63 24-30 ≈790 1